BELIEVEYou have an employee that you want to perform better.

Your dating a man who is 89% what you’re looking for, but you really want to see some areas improve.

Or maybe your best friend really struggles with their confidence and you wish you could help them grow somehow.

Well, I’m no expert, but I have tried something that tends to have some pretty remarkable results in bringing out the best in others.

I don’t remember where I got this epiphany, perhaps while reading a dating book or relationship article online.  But someone said that if you treat a man as if he were already that awesome man you are envisioning him to be, he will eventually fulfill that role.

Sure, this could backfire. And it sounds kind of like a scary thing to do…to let go of control and just treat someone with the respect and awe you feel they haven’t yet earned in fear they’ll become prideful and never change! You just gotta tell them what’s wrong with them and show them how to fix it!

Well, that was my response at first, at least.

But I decided to experiment with this theory on a few friends.  And you know what?  Over time, it worked!

But there were some pretty amazing things that happened before the final result I had hoped for was realized. I started to change.

I worried less.  I trusted more.  And my relationships improved.  I became more happy with myself.  I believed in myself more.

Because, it’s hard to treat others as that beautiful creation they seem to merely be potential for at the moment unless you can do the same for yourself.

Ok, most of the time I don’t like all that “just believe in yourself” hoopla fluffy talk. Quite honestly, saying I believe in myself just backfires on me and reminds me of all the dumb things I’ve done recently. I’m reminded about all the ways I don’t believe in myself. (because I embrace all the bad all the way so I can breakthrough purely on the other side with real optimism and not mustered up glee like rotting apples taped to a tree)

Anyways, when I have hope for others, I realize there is hope for me, too.  I see we are both people full of potential, and we will have a hard time reaching that potential if we don’t treat each other as if we had already reached that destination.

Andy Stanley, a Pastor in Atlanta who does the opening and closing talk for a large Christian Leadership conference, has said that in order to find out if you can trust someone, you must go ahead and trust them first. How else will their trustworthiness be revealed?

Same goes for someone’s potential. Let go, and let that person grow. Keep encouraging. Keep going. Trust that person does want to become what they have the potential to be. Let someone surprise you. And you’ll surprise yourself in the process.

starbucks-photoLately, I’ve been playing around experimenting strategizing some Facebook ads. I’ve decided that I prefer promoted posts the most. I mean, who really reads and clicks on those side ads? (besides me)

I was googeling some articles on excellent FB marketing and excellent FB ads. No one was really talking about what it takes to create a great post that can become an amazing “sponsored” or “promoted” posts aka “ad.”

But one article I found said (well, the author writing it) that Starbucks was really successful. That, they are. And they mentioned that their “tactic” (my word) was to upload photos that look like they came from instragram.

Point being that normal, everyday life type photos are in and professional, stock photography is out (for the most part).

Well, I don’t think that’s the only reason this style is successful for Starbucks. I mean, they probably stole the idea from their customers in the first place. And the fact that what they are doing is not far off from what their customers see their friends doing in their FB feed, makes it feel easy, natural, unobtrusive, and less like marketing or advertising.

It’s hard to ever to get to this place with your brand if you don’t start with an organization that’s run very well, that has it’s branding done well both on and offline, internally, and externally.

Their results are simple – great coffee, consistently good customer service, convenient locations and reliable delivery on products. But, like an amazing exam paper you must write…the final product doesn’t happen in the first draft. And you may need 2000 words, but it’ll take maybe 5,000-10,000 to get there!

So, what works in Social Media Marketing? Start from within, know who you are, your why, and through relationships get to know your customers really well. Why how what…why how what…why how what…

"the golden circle"

“the golden circle”

The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you.

–Simon Sinek, Start With Why





Heck, just watch this video for now:

I just want to tell you something…

Google does not have all the answers. The first result obviously should have just been, “Yes.”


1. I never was interested in marketing
2. Until I discovered inbound marketing
3. Which basically is like word-of-mouth on crack
4. Speaking of crack…
5. I wish I could crack the code of writing the most amazing blog and ad and email titles / subject lines ever in rocket ship speed
6. Maybe I should practice headlines as part of my morning routine…does that work?
7. I wish HubSpot would read my analytics out loud to me while I lounged in a chair and sipped on lemonade.
8. Why can’t I use the Inbound Marketing Methodology to find the perfect husband?
9. Perhaps I still need to work on the attract stage, hah. get it?
10. 1 more minute to go!
11. I think I’m still not a marketer, though I’m in the marketing industry
12. I think…who cares either way. Call it what you want.
13. 5 minutes is up. That was fun! Good night.



Goodbye Google Keywords. It was nice knowing you.

If you use Google Analytics, you might be noticing the decline in keyword data. There’s this increasing rate of “unknown sources” of traffic to your site. Frustrating right? Maybe you haven’t felt the pain yet.

In my opinion…it will only be painful for a little while for those of us who:

a. Are actually good at writing / creating valuable content and knowing our audiences

b. yup that’s pretty much it

The rest of the world that’s out to exploit the surfers of the web are going to feel the pain until they learn to actually just make great content.

I’m sighing a sigh of relief because I won’t have to spend hours trying to fit my creativity into a keyword I want to rank for.  A fun challenge, yes. But can I just write something already?!  It’s especially frustrating when creating a blog post title that I want to rank in Google.  Having to fit a long-tail keyword into a title…if you’ve tried that enough times you know what I’m talking about.

Though, I’m pretty curious how this google ranking game will start to look once the Google search encryption is full force. To read more about it, check out this blog post over at Hubspot: Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data

Today’s Office

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Papers everywhere! Will we ever be completely digital? I hope not.

Lunch at 11

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Homemade beef bone soup for lunch. Working from home = eating out less!

Today’s Office

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The life of working #remotely


The dog in this photo is listening to his master’s voice. He knows it well.

Often we think leaders are people who tell everyone what to do or go places and simply say, “follow me.”

But the purest essence of a true leader is servitude. And servants listen. They watch carefully for instruction. They are obedient.

A leader leads by serving. And one cannot serve well if he does not listen well to those he is serving…his followers. Because soon, if he doesn’t tend to his followers needs they will fall away and he is left alone.

Service is not one sided. We are all leaders and servants to one another in a continuous cycle. Pay attention to the needs around you, be intentional about listening well with a heart to serve and you will become a better leader for it.

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Keep Moving

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20130725-004359.jpgWhenever there is something worth having, you will face extreme resistance on you’re way to it.

Keep moving.

And when you make it through that fire (because you will), set up a reminder for yourself and those close to you.

As amazing it was for you to make it through, life happens and you’ll soon forget…until you are hit with the next storm of resistance.

Life markers let you remain extremely thankful in all seasons, in all circumstances.

I’ve heard someone say, “you are always either going through, coming out of or about to enter a tough season.”

Live with persistent determination.
Live with tenacity.

We are created with the need to rejoice without ceasing and to trust without ceasing.

To love selflessly without ceasing.
And to be loved tenaciously.

We may not have been perfected in this yet, but tenacious living is a choice you can make moment by moment.

What inspires you to live with persistent determination?